Student Device Insurance

Optional Student Device Insurance

The optional student device insurance will protect the device against accidental damage, theft, fire, flood, natural disasters, power surge and vandalism. This insurance policy will provide full replacement cost coverage and will protect the item worldwide (on and off school grounds). Additionally, the policy can be transferred to a replacement unit. D123 encourages families to take part in the insurance program. Without insurance D123 families are fully responsible for the costs associated with the repair/replacement of the device.  Insurance coverage is for the device only.  Insurance does not cover the case or the charger.

Families of students in ALL GRADE LEVELS can sign up for this insurance program by adding the optional “Student Device Insurance” fee through Skyward Family Access or by filling out and returning the “Student Device Insurance” enrollment form with a check. Families can enroll anytime up until September 30 of the current year.

**Due to a high volume of repairs, there will be a $25 deductible for every repair made due to accidental damage and a $50 deductible for every cracked screen. No deductibles will be charged for warranty repairs**

Chromebook Program at a glance…

Costs Associated with Chromebook Repairs for those without Insurance

  • Chromebook: $315.00
  • Motherboard: $175.00
  • Case: $30.00
  • Battery: $50.00
  • Screen replacement: $145.00
  • Bezel replacement: $50.00
  • Charger: $25.00
  • Keyboard replacement: $30.00
  • Hard drive: $40.00
  • Single key replacement: $5.00
  • Upper Case: $25.00
  • Bottom Case: $25.00


  • iPad $300
  • Charger $25
  • Screen $145