What Are You Excited to do Over Summer?

Summer break is so close we can almost taste it! We asked a few District 123 students what they are looking forward to most once school is out.

"I am really excited to go to the beach and do some swimming, I love to be around water so I can't wait to get to a beach this summer," said Geneva. I am really excited to get together with a few of my old soccer teammates. A lot of them play baseball now so we don't get to hang out, and I have been playing soccer with my older brother's team. So I am excited to hang out with them," said Aiden. "I plan on being in the pool and just being outside with my friends this summer. We will probably do a pool party for my birthday so that will be fun," said Luke. "Well, I am excited for summer but I broke my finger so I think I will be sitting around and hopefully my friends and family will want to come sit with me," said Chase. My mom said I will be doing gymnastics more and do swimming lessons and she said we're doing a lot of other stuff but she's keeping it a surprise and that's ok because I love surprises," said Rylee. "We have a pool, so I will be swimming all summer long, and now I can swim without floaties or goggles. I will also be playing with my new baby sister, but probably not in the pool," said Leah.