Warm Wishes Lead to a Partnership

OLHMS Students with a letter they received from a parent

OLHMS Students with a letter they received from a parent

Students at Oak Lawn-Hometown Middle School are always looking for ways to make the world a better place, so it was no surprise when they heard about Propionic Acidemia they wanted to help. Propionic Acidemia is an inherited disorder in which the body is unable to process certain parts of proteins and fats properly.

Social Studies Teacher at OLHMS, Sophia Georgelos, heard about a program through the Propionic Acidemia Foundation, from a fellow Teacher. The program provides birthday cards to children battling Propionic Acidemia from kids all over the world.

The entire 6th grade and even team 8a decided to take part in writing birthday cards for the “warriors” as they are called, but decided to do more and made holiday cards before winter break.

“We just wanted to show the kids what one small gesture can really do. Before the break, we wrote these letters during PBIS time, and some kids even came over lunch to do more. Now, we are partnering with this great foundation and bringing smiles to these kids fighting harder battles than we might ever face,” said Georgelos.

The foundation was overwhelmed with the generosity of the students and decided to partner with the middle school to make more birthday cards as part of the Warrior Birthday Club. Parents even wrote back to the students, thanking them for their generosity and sending a holiday card to their son who battles the disease.