A Visit to the September 11th Memorial

Mrs. Georgelos' Class at the Oak Lawn September 11th Memorial

Mrs. Georgelos’ Class at the Oak Lawn September 11th Memorial

Many of us know exactly where we were when the events of September 11th, 2001 took place. However, today’s middle school students have only read about the attacks in textbooks. In an effort to humanize the day for students, Middle School Teacher, Sofia Georgelos took her class to the local memorial in Oak Lawn.

“I think the attack was a very emotional thing that happened in which lots of people died and were hurt.  Just hearing about this made me sad.  I can’t imagine one of my loved ones calling from a plane saying their last words,” said Sherry Calva.
Visiting the memorial struck a chord for the students as they looked at the beams from the site of the World Trade Center.
“I thought the Memorial was beautiful since it not only gave honor to those who lost their life but it also helped me to understand that so many people took action to save others in this attack,” said Julian Maldonado.
The September 11th Memorial is located on the Oak Lawn Villiage Hall Campus.