TV Show Inspires Entrepreneurial Class Assignment

Students pitch their business idea to the "sharks"

Students pitch their business idea to the “sharks”


Students at OLHMS had the chance to get real-world business experience through a recent class project. For the past few weeks, students have been working on developing a viable business. Today they had the chance to pitch their company to the “sharks” similar to the show Shark Tank.

“This is a fun way to have the students explore the business world. From the creative side to the numbers, each student is building a business from the ground up and learning what it takes to get an investment on a smaller scale. Following the format of the show just adds to it,” said Mr. Adams, Synergistics & Entrepreneurship Teacher at OLHMS.

Students would present their business or idea showing metrics, commercials, and endorsements in hopes a shark would offer them a deal. Once their presentation was finished the sharks would ask questions before deciding to make an offer for a portion of their business.

On the show, famous entrepreneurs or “sharks” are presented with new companies or products seeking investors- in class. Other staff members took on the role of the sharks, deciding whether or not the companies would be a good investment or not.