Training to Keep Your Student Safe

Officer Clark explains what first responders carry when reporting to a disaster.

Oak Lawn Hometown Middle School recently teamed up with the Oak Lawn Police department to plan for emergency situations at the school.

The police department, fire department and first responders from the surrounding communities participated in various drills and scenarios to ensure they are well versed on what to do to keep our students safe.

“The reason we do this training to ensure that first responders are ready in the worst types of events with large casualties,” said EMA Coordinator with the Oak Lawn Police Department, Art Clark.

Injuries that occur in these large scare violent crimes could be managed if immediate care is given. Which is why training for such things is so beneficial to our schools and community.

“A large number of the people who pass in those events could survive if they had received immediate care, and our first responders are fully trained in how to respond and save lives” Clark said.

Training started on January 10 and 11 with the final drill on January 25. Training was as realistic as possible, officers were dressed head to toe in protective wear, complete with medical packs that include everything needed to keep a victim stable in the event of a tragedy. Students from Oak Lawn Community High School were able to receive community service credits for assisting as victims.