Tips for a Successful Virtual Family Conference

Virtual Family Conferences start today in District 123. Here is all you need to know to ensure your student’s Family Conference is a success.

Tips for Successful District 123 “Virtual” Family Conferences

Family conferences are an essential part of creating the ongoing partnership necessary to ensure a successful school experience for your student. This Fall has brought a new way in which we are facilitating Family Conferences at District 123. To establish a successful experience for you during your student’s Family Conference, District 123 has assembled some tips to help you in this process.

The ultimate goal of Family Conferences at District 123 is to develop and enhance agency and independence within our students. We encourage you to include your child in their virtual conference and consider some of the following questions along with your student:

  • How can my child improve? How will I know?
  • Is my student showing progress and perseverance?
  • What can I do to support learning at home?
  • What are our goals moving forward?
  • How might I monitor my student’s progress and maintain communication with my child’s teacher?

At this point, you should have received information about your virtual Family Conference from your student’s teacher. If you haven’t yet received any information about your conference from your student’s teacher, please contact your school office. Your student’s teacher may have emailed you an “invitation” with a Google Meet link for the time that you have reserved. Simply clicking on the Google Meet link that you received will take you to your student’s virtual conference. 

A few reminders about the Google Meet video conferencing platform:

Thank you for your continued commitment, investment, and partnership into the success of Family Conferences and the ongoing success of your student at District 123.