The Kindness Challenge

Students having lunch with the Superintendent

Students having lunch with the Superintendent

Anne Marie McGovern is on a mission to brighten everyone’s day at Hannum School. The principal recently saw a tweet from another D123 teacher on “The 30 Day Happy Teacher Challenge” and decided to implement it through her school.

“When its the heart of the winter months the days are dark and people, including myself, aren’t always in the best mood. That’s why I thought this challenge was so great, it’s something small that doesn’t take a lot of time or even effort but it can turn around your whole day,” said McGovern.

Each day teachers are giving one task like “strike up a conversation with a colleague that you don’t speak to very much,” small things that don’t cost anything but can make a student’s or co-worker’s day and in turn make you happy.

“The things aren’t major but it’s so nice to see how they greatly impact your day. Recently, I invited Dr. Enderle to have lunch with some of our star students and you could just see on their faces they were so excited. It’s nice to see how small gestures really add up and make you happy,” she said.

McGovern is also participating, using “The 30 Day Happy Administrator Challenge,” with similar challenges. Those who take part will win a special prize when the challenge is up on the 27 of January.