The Blackhawks Come to District 123

The group of 5th Grade Students who participated in the program

Members of the Blackhawks Youth Hockey Organization Get Out And Learn Program or G.O.A.L. made their way to Sward School this week to introduce students to the game of hockey through a 1-hour clinic.

“I really enjoyed watching our fifth graders have a great time playing hockey! There were great big smiles throughout the entire clinic. From the drills to the scrimmage game, the students seemed to have fun every minute,” said Principal Kramer.

60 5th Grade Students had the opportunity to take part in activities with the G.O.A.L. coaches. The day started with handing out Chicago Blackhawks gear, then it was time to run some drills for passing, blocking and ball control. Finally, it was time for the big scrimmage game! The kids had a blast and learned a few things from the team.

“The game was the best part of the day because it was fun to pass around with the Blackhawks employees and we needed to work together to be able to score a goal,” said a 5th Grade Student.

Sward school got to keep all the equipment from the event including Chicago Blackhawk Hockey Sticks!