Teaching to the Hits

Hannum fifth graders are putting their learning to music.

“Music is very powerful, it’s very relatable and its fun. The kids really gravitate toward the popular music of today. To tie it to learning, it’s eye opening to a lot of those kids there. They’re like ‘hey, we can use music to learn,” said Mr. Strickland.

Strickland invited viral sensation, Mr. Nicky into his classroom. Mr. Nicky is quite popular with students, as he uses the melodies of popular music to teach history lessons on his YouTube channel.

The parody artist helped Mr. Strickland’s class put their lesson on the different branches of government to the popular song “Black Beatles”.

“He actually came in and made learning fun and it took it to a whole new level,” said Olivia, a student and avid fan.

“D123 is truly a 21st century school district, they encourage taking risks like this and it is evident in the classroom,” said Mr. Strickland.