Parent University

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Child care services are provided at each Parent University session by the Oak Lawn Park District FLASH program.

8/30 – Erin’s Law Sexual Abuse Prevention & Awareness OLHMS – 6:30pm

On January 24, 2013, a new law was signed requiring schools to implement age-appropriate sexual abuse, assault awareness and prevention curriculum in grades Pre-K-12. Join us to learn more about creating a safe and engaging environment where children will learn about the dangers of sexual abuse, resources to protect themselves and prevent future incidents of sexual assault and abuse.

9/29 – D123 Technology Showcase OLHMS – 6:30pm

Learn about the various tools we use in D123 to help engage learning and promote communication in our school community. Technology is part of everyday life; it’s with us at home, at work, and when we play and learn. Students use technology to research subjects, share ideas, and learn specific skills. Attendees will learn how technology is used at school and home in a safe, motivational, and productive manner.

10/12- Principal’s Chat: Making Family Conferences Count! ALL SCHOOLS – 6:30pm

Family conferencing allows students, parents, and teachers to meet together and discuss learning. Student-led conferencing reflects the belief that students should be actively involved in their learning and assume responsibility for the learning process. Through their involvement in the conferencing process, students become more motivated, reflective and evaluative. This Parent University session will be facilitated by each school principal and attendees will learn about the process and how to make family conference time truly count!

12/1 – Hot Topic Round Table OLHMS – 6:30pm

We want you at the table! This roundtable discussion will feature a number of the latest and best hot topics in the field of education. Attendees will be able to choose topics of interest and engage in deeper conversations about each. Topics will be selected based on feedback from our community through crowdsourcing efforts. Some topics to be included are gifted education, class size, year-round schooling, handwriting, the importance of play, and many more. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to be at the table!

1/19 – Robert Crown: A Parent Primer for 5th Grade Families KOLMAR – 6:30pm

The miracle of life and the functions of the reproductive anatomy are important topics for pre-adolescents. As physical and developmental changes occur, they need to be equipped with the facts about their reproductive organs and the creation of human life. This session is offered to parents of 5th grade students preparing for their trip to the Robert Crown Center. Parents will learn about the program goals, what the students will learn, and be able to ask questions about the program.

2/15 – STEM Family Night HANNUM – 6:30pm

School District 123 is committed to implementing STEM learning for all students. Attend this workshop to learn more about how STEM concepts are infused into the the learning environment of your child’s classroom. Engage in hands-on activities and exhibits about what children are learning in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Parents are encourage to bring their children to this workshop.

4/8 – Community Health Carousel OLHMS – 9am-12pm

A “successful tomorrow” for our students and families matters to us in School District 123. Supporting good health and ensuring quality health care is part of our mission. Join the carousel event to learn more from local health agencies and leaders who are committed to better serving the Oak Lawn-Hometown community by providing various resources that support healthy children.

4/20 – Robert Crown: A Parent Primer for 4th Grade Families COVINGTON – 6:30pm

Kids face tough decisions, especially regarding the issue of drug use. This program helps kids make healthy choices and lead a drug-free life using research-proven effective, interactive teaching methods. This session is offered to parents of 4th grade students preparing for their trip to the Robert Crown Center. Parents will learn about the program goals, what the students will learn, and be able to ask questions about the program.