Clubs & Activities

Extracurricular activities are a unique way for children to explore and learn new skills, talents, and interests. Each club or organization must have a faculty sponsor willing to organize and supervise the group’s activities. Each year teachers may volunteer to sponsor a club or organization with the approval of the principal. The following list shows an example of clubs that have been sponsored in the past. There is no guarantee that these clubs will be active each school year. Also, there may be new clubs formed during a school year which are not listed below. While it is not possible for every child to participate in every club or organization, attempts will be made involve as many children as possible.

Clubs Offered This Year:

Swagle Club
Basketball Club
Chess & Checkers
Kindness Club
Team Work Club
Lego Club
Public Speaking Club
Student Council
Book & Yoga Club
Coloring & Connections
Word Puzzle Club
Coding Club
Sports Club
Homework Club
Safety Patrol