Sward students imagine their future during virtual career day

Sward school recently held a virtual career day in order for students to become exposed to some of their future career possibilities. Much of the day is focused on allowing for career exploration while also igniting student creativity as students begin to think about their passions and how they may be able to turn those passions into careers.

Throughout this pandemic year, we have become so much more familiar with ways to creatively use technology to help us learn and connect with others. While we were unable to bring community partners and family members in to share their careers with us in person, technology offered a wonderful avenue to deliver this information to students virtually. Career day allows us to see what interests and motivates our students. Some of our Eagles are all set to enter careers that didn’t exist when I was their age. That is truly incredible to think about. Their possibilities are endless! -Candice Kramer, Sward School Principal
The virtual presentation and career videos can be viewed here, and pictures from the Sward Virtual Career day can be found below.