Sward School Gets Active

Sward Students get active in the hallway

Sward Students get active in the hallway

Students at Sward school are hopping, skipping and jumping through the halls but they aren’t in trouble. The fun is all part of the school’s brand new “Active Hallway” a space dedicated to elicit a little more movement during the school day.

After discussing ways to keep kids active and having fun during the school day Principal Candice Kramer got the idea for the hallway from Superintendent Dr. Enderle.

“He told me about a school that placed decals on the floor and the students were able to be active throughout the hallways.  I watched a short video of a school who has implemented this in Canada. They had great success. I borrowed a few of their ideas and the students made up their moves,” she said.

An interesting idea for a place that usually is meant to be quiet, however the school hasn’t seen an increase in noise – in fact it’s gone down.
“The ‘voice’ volume has actually seemed to decrease in this area of the hallway. The students are focused on their feet and how they will be jumping around,” said Kramer.
The tape marks in the hall vary, some look like hopscotch while others are in a ladder formation. The designe encourages kids to make up their own patterns for fun while using the hall to get from class to class.
“I really like the hallway activities because they get you pumped up and like when your a little wild they kinda get a little bit of energy out of you and I think its pretty cool instead of just walking,” said a 3rd grade student.
If the enthusiasm for the Active Hallway “sticks” Kramer may make it permanent.