Sward Alum and Author Visits School

A student gets her question answered by Palmer

A student gets her question answered by Palmer

It was back to school for one former Sward student, Iva-Marie Palmer, when she visited the students earlier today.

Palmer is now a best-selling children’s author who writes the series “Gabby Garcia’s Ultimate Playbook. The author shared memories of her time at Sward School in addition for her tips on how to become a writer.

“My biggest tip is to write down ideas, but often times a piece of paper is too overwhelming so I have notecards. What I do is everytime an idea pops into my head I write it down on a card and then when I have a day of writer’s block I go to my cards and use them to make up stories,” Palmer said.

She then handed out notecards for the students to use when their ideas come to them. The visit was a way to show students that truly through education and passion anything is possible.

“Eventually, I thought why not become a writer, I never thought it could be a career but books were something I loved and still do. It took a lot of practice and a lot of time to get better and better. For anything, you want to do practice and time are the main ingredients,” she said.

Gabby Garcia’s next adventure will be published soon!