Superintendent Student of the Week – Maggie Bertalmio

Congratulations to Maggie Bertalmio of Jean Roth’s 3rd Grade class at Sward School!

“Daily, Maggie demonstrates a positive attitude, a strong work ethic, an intrinsic desire to learn, and a self-determination to make each day count as she produces more today than yesterday.  Maggie works responsibly, double checks her work before turning it in, accepts and appreciates constructive criticism, and has a very positive effect on other students in the classroom.  She is a good pair-share partner as she not only brings forth new thoughts and ideas, but she also is a good listener and is sure to incorporate the thoughts of others into the task.  Maggie also has a natural compassion for others and respects her peers for who and what they are.  She is always the first to lend a helping hand and/or lighten the load of someone who is struggling with an adverse situation. Maggie Bertalmio exemplifies the Sward Eagle expectations as she truly ‘leads by example’,” said Mrs. Roth.