Superintendent Student of the Week – Dustin Mack

Congratulations to Dustin Mack from Elaine Bernal’s classroom at Hometown School!

“Dustin is currently a 3rd-grade student who joined our classroom in 2nd grade. He was very discouraged about his reading ability and thought he would never learn to read. I told him he had come to the right place, rm 19. He has now learned to read and absolutely loves it. He is making tremendous progress and has a much more positive attitude and outlook about school. During reading one day, Dustin told me that he used to be like Trisha in the story, Thank You Mr. Falker until my staff and I taught him to read. He is truly a student that never gives up and puts forth the effort every day. He was beaming when Dr. Enderle presented to him, his ‘eraser of honor’,” said his teacher Elaine Bernal.