Summer Step Up Program Welcomes Incoming D123 Kindergarteners

Parents of incoming Kindergarteners in the D123 community have the opportunity to enroll their child in the Summer Step-Up program.  These students have never stepped foot in an elementary classroom, and now their first elementary school experience is 100% remote.  An experience that a year ago, no one would have imagined would happen.  But with the love, understanding, commitment, and expertise of Step up to Kindergarten teacher, Amy Gomez, these students are successfully adapting to this new normal. 

“Each week, there is a fun theme: The Zoo, The Beach, Camping, and Disney, to name a few! Students review the FUNdations letter drill, learn letter names, letter sounds, and how to form letters accurately.  They can get up and move to a brain break that goes along with that week’s theme.  They also are learning about shapes, patterns, and numbers,” said Sarah McIntyre, The D123 Summer School Principal. 

The best part that every Summer Step Up participant from incoming Kindergarten to Incoming 8th-grade experiences is the ability to see the teacher face to face and other students through multiple Google Meets. 

Most recently, the Kindergarten students were able to share a drawing they made of their favorite animal, show off their letter formation, go on a scavenger hunt around their house and play a game reviewing shapes with Mrs. Gomez.  Summer Step-Up registration is ongoing throughout the summer, and all learners in the Oak Lawn Hometown Community can participate.

“That is a trick of human nature. We get used to things.”― R. J. Palacio