Students Give Their Brain a Workout at Kolmar


This week students at Kolmar  were working together during holiday activities to make words and solve math problems. Using pedometers, word relay races and other fun games allow students to incorporate common core standards into their Physical Education classes.

“The particular holiday game we played that incorporated Literacy into P.E. was called ‘Scootin for the Holiday.’  Students rode scooters to the center of the gym in order to collect letters.  At the end of the round, students worked together to form holiday words.  Students were working on their spelling while working on their fitness,” said Victoria Leonard, a Physical Education Teacher at Kolmar.

Integrating common core subjects is important, they are absolutely critical to the development of the whole child, which is why we must take this change of direction seriously. Being able to live a healthy life takes a host of skills and abilities that literacy and math teaches. Students must first intellectually understand what it means to be healthy, this will take an understanding of both reading and writing. Students then must be able to obtain the proper help and information from others to live healthier lives, this takes communication. Then, they must be able to have intelligent conversations with others about being healthy, which takes accountable talk and reasoning. It is a process that happens over their K-12 experience, and each teacher plays their role in teaching different aspects of health related information using literacy components.