Students get involved in the election


Election season is in full swing at OLHMS! Each grade level is going through a two-week Presidential Election unit learning about how voting gives citizens the opportunity to decide who they want to lead our country.

To better illustrate this, the students at OLHMS will hold a mock election next month, coinciding with the November 8 Election.

“The election brings the opportunity for students to be part of the conversations at home. Most homes during election time are filled with conversations pertaining to the election, the process, and of course the candidates. Learning the concepts and the process of elections helps the student become part of that conversation,” said Ms. Blanchard.

In the mock election students have the opportunity to vote for the Republican Candidate, Donald Trump or the Democratic Candidate, Hilary Clinton. Students can also choose between the two third party candidates; the Libertarian Candidate, Gary Johnson or Green Party Candidate, Jill Stein. Voting takes place on Monday November 7.

“A school wide election is an excellent way to promote civic responsibility.  By connecting the real world to our classrooms, students can see the impact of each person’s voice.  Sixth graders will begin their civic duties by learning about the history behind the right to vote as well as key vocabulary that is used during election times. Students will then look at what qualities make a good leader and determine what their platform would be if they were president,” said Mrs. Litsogiannis.

Social Studies teachers will use the hashtag #OLHMSVotes to document the experience on social media.

Contributed by Social Media Club Members Daniel McLawhorn and Enrique Avina Vieyra.