Student Ambassadors Give Fifth Graders a Tour of OLHMS

Sward Students are ready for 6th Grade!

Fifth-grade students in the District were recently shown the ropes at OLHMS thanks to Student Ambassadors. The fifth graders were split up into small groups as their tour guide took them into classrooms to listen in on lessons and meet future teachers, taught them how to do important things like open a locker and answer any questions they might have.

“It has been so fun getting to show the younger students around and answer their questions, it reminds me of when I started middle school and all of the questions I had. I like seeing how excited they are to start middle school and use the resources we have here,” said Rebecca, a Student Ambassador.

One place the fifth graders are excited to use next year is the Makers Space in the OLHMS middle school. Many students were gathered around robots and programming them to make movements on command!

“I just can’t wait for next year, to come and be a part of OLHMS,” said Sward student, Evan.

The Student Ambassador program is a club at the middle school that allows members to be spokespeople for Oak Lawn-Hometown Middle School. Ambassadors represent the middle school in the community, offer tours to visitors and are seen as an information resource to other students.