Staying Cool and Embracing the Chaos

Emily Amos runs through breathing exercises with the group

Emily Amos runs through breathing exercises with the group

Following the implementation of Yoga for kindergarten at Hometown and Covington, Emily Amos thought it might be good for parents to learn how to keep their cool when the home gets stressful. At the most recent Parent University, Amos hosted a casual chat with parents in the district on how to achieve a level of calm in the home.

 “Happiness starts in the home and it’s important to try and maintain a stress-free home because our kids pick up on that. Whatever we are feeling they learn to feel,” she said.

Starting with simple breathing exercises Amos illustrated to the group how taking a few minutes to reset can make all the difference. The evening worked as a group chat where moms were able to share their advice on what helps them stay organized and on top of the week.

“For me, I get Wednesday nights for myself. We add everything to the calendar between soccer and school and this and that why not add that time for you. And you have to protect it, you can’t give in because I tell my kids ‘I am a better mommy if I take time for me’ and they get it,” said an attendee.

Amos’ top tips for keeping a calm home include utilizing a schedule so kids know the routine, creating a space in the home not for time out but where you or your child can go to just take a few minutes and reset yourself for the day, and taking the time to spend one on one time with each of your children.

There will be two more sessions for Calm, Cool and Collected click here for more info on this and other Parent University sessions.