Starting the Day in a Different Way

a group of girls enjoy their Day with Dad!

a group of girls enjoys their Day with Dad!

The Kolmar gym was abuzz this morning with students eager to show their dads, granddads, and uncles around the school for the annual Start Your Day with Dad at the school.

Doughnuts and coffee were provided by the Kolmar PTA as dads enjoyed a little extra time with their student this morning. Oak Lawn-Hometown District 123 often opens the doors to its schools to parents and guardians as a way to connect our community.

“We are so glad to have our dad and other strong male figures here with us today, we love having them here to show your support for their student(s) and take a peek in the side of their typical school day,” said Principal David Creech.

From breakfast, students took their dads to the classroom to show them around, introduce them to their teacher, and take part in morning activities.

Kolmar will host a Morning with Mom event in May.