School Board Member Day celebrated at District 123

Today marks the eighth annual “School Board Members Day” in Illinois. A day to recognize and and thank District 123 Board of Education members for their commitment in providing a voice for the District 123 learning community.

Much like other local public officials, school board members are constantly tuned-in to the voices of the Oak Lawn-Hometown community. This allows them to craft a vision, mission, and goals to accurately reflect the desires expressed by parents, students and residents.

School board members are the front-line advocates fighting for quality education opportunities for every child. They serve without the expectation of a paycheck in a position where they act as guardians of the community’s most precious resources—our children.

“The time spent in board meetings is just a fraction of the time that each of member devotes to our great school district. They attend many school events, volunteer during fundraisers and serve-a-thons and represent our District throughout the community in support of our schools,” said Dr. Paul Enderle, District 123 Superintendent. “They are essential partners and advocates for our families and students.”

The opportunities for our children within our school system is one of the largest drivers of a successful Oak Lawn-Hometown community. The work of school board members directly impacts the school district, students, and parents, but it impacts the lives of nearly every resident in one way or another.

Today, November 15, 2016 has been designated as “School Board Members Day” in Illinois. Leadership for our community, for our schools, and for our future begins right here in Oak Lawn and Hometown, with the tireless work of our locally-elected school board members. Help us join with others from throughout Illinois recognizing their efforts.

The seven members of the Oak Lawn-Hometown Board of Education are: Richard Mason, President; Brian Nichols, Vice-President, Jay Lurquin, Secretary; Theresa Roche; Peter DeRousse; Julie Misner; Jennifer Fortier