Putting Down Roots at Kolmar

16 new trees were planted on Kolmar School’s campus today thanks to a grant from the Morton Arboretum and the Chicago Region Trees Initiative (CRTI).

“The award also enables us to partner with two premier organizations committed to conservation and preservation of trees. The grant provides us with 16 trees that will be used to beautify our campus, provide shade for our children, and shelter for wildlife.  The award will enable us to plant trees on a scale we wouldn’t be able to without their generous support,” said Principal David Creech.

Each class donated their own tree. Students’ first learned about their tree’s species and then had the fun of getting in the dirt and planting their class tree!

The Chicago Region Trees Initiative was established in 2013 as a collaboration of Chicago region partners working together to develop and implement a strategy that builds a healthier and more diverse urban forest by 2040.