Parents Invited into the Classroom at Covington

As part of National Education Week, Covington School invited the parents to come into the school and shadow their students. This inaugural event was born out of a discussion with Covington staff about providing more opportunities for families to engage within our school during the school day.


Each student was able to have one parent or adult to shadow their day. Parents followed the student’s schedule thereby allowing parents to see all facets of the day including PE, Encores, interventions, as well as the general classroom. We provided a schedule for families who had more than one student at Covington so there were able to enjoy part of the day with all of their children.

The turnout was tremendous. Covington staff welcomed 136 parents which allowed 168 students to have someone shadow parts their day. The feedback that was received from the both staff and parents was extremely positive. One parent remarked,

“This was so great! Thank you for this opportunity! I had so much fun. The PE teachers made us a part of their lesson! Again, this was awesome!”

Another parent explained to Mrs. Zimmerman how much she learned especially about our math curriculum by just watching the lesson. She was incredibly impressed with the critical thinking and the ability of the students to explain their thinking.

One Covington teacher exclaimed,

“It was great! We had students present their paragraphs about what they were thankful for and parents really liked it. I would definitely think about inviting parents in again to watch presentations.” Another teacher said, “It was fun. I hope we can continue this in some form.”