Parent University: Internet Safety

Officer Stack speaks with parents about how to keep kids safe online

Officer Stack speaks with parents about how to keep kids safe online

The Oak Lawn-Hometown District 123 Parent University series kicked off this week with a presentation from the Cook County Sheriff’s Police Department Officers Jacquline Lazzara and Anthony Stack.

Kids ages 5 – 16 spend an average of 6 hours a day using technology, the Parent University focused on equipping parents with the tools to keep children safe while they use the internet.

“We tell our kids about drugs and alcohol and the dangers surrounding that but kids are online all the time and its the biggest danger to our kids day-to-day. We need to learn to empower our children and give them the tools to handle these situations when they come across them,” said Officer Anthony Stack.

Stack states that the problem with Social Networking Sites isn’t that children use them, but that they share too much information using the apps.

What parents can do to keep their child safe online:

  • focus on the emotional intellect of your child
  • prepare your children for situations they may encounter online
  • prepare them to react properly, tell an adult if something is wrong
  • be honest about the risks of being on the internet
  • set boundaries
  • enforce boundaries
  • educate yourself as a parent

The next Parent University is October 23rd and will focus on Family Dialogue on School Safety.