OLHMS Teacher Visits Sponsored Student

Oliveta, her mom, Heather McCarthy

Oliveta, her mom, Heather McCarthy


Earlier this school year, Oak Lawn-Hometown Middle School Teacher, Heather McCarthy led a project at Oak Lawn-Hometown Middle School to collect shoes to sponsor a student from Malawi, Africa. Students gathered shoes for months working toward their goal of 2,500 pairs of shoes. The students beat their goal and recently, McCarthy had the opportunity to visit Oliveta, the sponsored student.

“I was able to personally meet Oliveta and tell her all about the students at District 123. Her family was so grateful to hear about the sponsorship they gave me a chicken as the utmost sign of respect and love,” she said.

While in Malawi, McCarthy also visited Early Development Centers, Primary Schools, Reading Clubs, and all the water projects going on at these schools/centers.

“All of the students speak Chichewa, however, they are taught in a dual language program where they learn English from the first day of school. Even though they have classroom sizes of 168 students per teacher and little to no materials, they are some of the most respectful and brilliant learners I have ever seen,” said McCarthy.

Thanks to the funds raised from shoe collection Oliveta can now go to school without a financial burden on her family.