OLHMS Teacher makes good on a 6k promise

Weber takes a selfie while Leahy shaves his head.

Weber takes a selfie while 7th grader Louie shaves his head.


Andrew Weber made his 7th Grade students a promise before the District 123 6k for Water on October 1st; whoever crossed the finish line before him would get to shave his head in front of the other 7th grade students during lunch. Earlier this week Weber made good on that promise when he let 7th Grade Louie take the blade and give him a new ‘do!

“That was so much fun,” Louie said once his work was complete.

The 6k for Water, hosted by District 123 and the World Vision charitable organization raises awareness and funds for countries that don’t have easy access to water.

“We’re blessed to have water here and we should give people in Africa a chance to have water as well,” said the Mulhem Family.

Walking an average of six kilometers to find a water source is not uncommon in different parts of the world. The funds raised from the race will help to provide reservoirs for clean drinking water across the globe.

“We want to teach our kids the value of service and giving back to the community and I think this event helped demonstrate that on more of a global level for our students,” Superintendent of District 123 Dr. Paul Enderle.

More than 100 participants came out on race day to help those who live in countries where clean drinking water is not easy to come by.

“If we can teach the math and the language arts and science and social studies and all of that then we can help these kids understand how important it is to give of themselves,” Kathy Ogean, a Teacher in the District.

The World Vision Organization works to put on the 6k events partnering with schools and other organizations. Funds raised then go to build reservoirs to provide clean drinking water to the countries that need it most.