OLHMS Students Learn From Others Around the World

Mrs. Ryan shows 6th grade students how to record their video for Global Collaboration Day

Mrs. Ryan shows 6th-grade students how to record their video for Global Collaboration Day

Global Studies students took part in Global Collaboration Day. The event is a 24-hour online initiative taking place on September 21, 2017,  wherever you are located in the world. Students, teachers, and organizations are encouraged to host a virtual activity that will connect people on this day.

Teachers register for the event and upload their videos with answers to the provided discussion questions. Topics such as “What it Means to be a Good Digital Citizen,” to “Water around the World,” were discussed in the online portal.

“It was an opportunity to connect classrooms around the world. When students can interact with other students from different states and countries, the learning experience deepens. Empowering students with the knowledge of life beyond our own community strengthens the educational outcome. We wanted this event to build a greater understanding of life around us and I think we achieved that,” said Global Studies Teacher, Kate Ryan.

The project emerged out the Global Education Conference, an annual event. It takes place every November and supports connections and collaborations between students, teachers, and organizations.  For the past seven years, hundreds of globally-minded people and organizations have taken advantage of technology to cross geographical boundaries in order to connect, communicate, and collaborate.