OLHMS PTSA donates 10,949lbs in FUNdrive

The Oak Lawn-Hometown Middle School Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) recently held a new type of fundraiser.

We wanted to raise funds for our school and try not inconvenience families financially, since this past year has been tough on many families. A parent suggested collecting donations or having a type of resale fundraiser. We knew of other organizations that have participated in a Savers FUNDrive, and thought it was worth looking into. After speaking with their representative and having her present their program at our PTSA meeting, we thought it was a great idea and good fit for us. -Elizabeth Lopez & Teresa Shane, OLHMS PTSA

The PTSA asked OLHMS students and families to “clean-out” their closets or garages to help fill the truck and contribute positively to the fundraiser. Many people and organizations from the local community came together including the Oak Lawn Home Depot that donated 1,200 bags and promoted the fundraiser in the store.

Seeing every family that dropped off a donation, every parent, student and community member that volunteered their time, everyone came together to make this fundraiser a huge success. -Elizabeth Lopez & Teresa Shane, OLHMS PTSA

While the effort was a success members of the PTSA reflected on the benefit for students.

Sometimes helping others goes deeper than contributing a monetary donation. Like this event, service to others was a four-day and incredibly labor-intensive job, but the pride at the end made it all worth the effort. The PTSA is so proud of our D123 students and families and how they have carried their service-oriented attitude with them in life. -Elizabeth Lopez & Teresa Shane, OLHMS PTSA