New Rides for Staff at Kolmar

Victoria Leonard and Renee Ziobro take the new bikes for a spin

Victoria Leonard and Renee Ziobro take the new bikes for a spin

Following the District Wellness Day on April 2nd instructors at Kolmar felt inspired to bring wellness into their day to day at school.

“We went to Mr. Creech and presented the idea of getting a couple of bikes so that teachers could take a ride during their lunch or free time. He loved the idea and we were able to get two bikes for all staff to use. Many people are excited about the bikes and have been checking them out on the google doc we have created,” said Victoria Leonard, a Physical Education Teacher at Kolmar.

The bikes are a great way for faculty and staff to get out and get active during their lunch or free periods. Biking has been proven to help lower blood pressure, improve cholesterol levels, manage weight and reduce risk of developing heart disease and type 2 diabetes, in addition, to help brain function.

“It is nice to get out of the building at some point during the day and enjoy the weather.  When the students are at recess, they love seeing their teachers ride by!  These bikes have been a great addition to keeping the staff happy and healthy for not only ourselves but the students,” said Leonard.