A math genius at OLHMS


Author and creator of Brainetics, Mike Byster, stopped by Oak Lawn Hometown Middle School recently to show off his math skills and teach the students just how he does it.

Students got the chance to try and stump the math genius by coming up with complicated math problems in their classes. The lengthy addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems were no match for Byster, who could figure them out in no time flat!

Byster suggests you don’t have to be a math whiz to understand the patterns within numbers. Thats how he, at a young age, was able to figure out math despite being an average student. It’s all in the way you think about numbers according to Mike.

“If a kid loves something it will never be work for them and they will know everything about how to do it. So I make numbers a game for students to learn, and love it,” he said.

Byster taught the students to think in mathematical patterns in an effort to make complicated problems simple and easier to figure out.