Student Council

Student Council is a student organization made up of two students from each classroom grades 3rd-5th. The students were elected by their peers to be the leaders of the school.  They strive to be role models to their classmates and the school body.  The Kolmar Avenue Elementary School Student Council requires the following commitments from their representatives:

– Regular attendance at Student Council meetings.

– Participation in school service projects, making signs for upcoming events, and planning and working on special projects.

– Planning and working on community service projects such as collection drives.

– Planning and participating in special activities prepared by the Student Council such as Spirit Days.

– Providing leadership to the school by representing and reporting on Student Council activities to fellow students.

Student Council

When:  Monday 3:30 – 4:30 pm 

Who:  3-5 Grade

Sponsor:  Mrs. Mural & Mrs. Koch