Kolmar Students Train Like Super Heroes!

To add a little extra more POW into gym class Physical Education Teachers at Kolmar are starting things off in a super way.

Each class period this week started with Superhero warm-ups. Students got to pick a superhero and do a workout that coincides what the character is known for.

“Spiderman tells you to do 5 “spidey jumps” and Batman tells you to do 10 “self-defense kicks”. There are pictures that go along with each exercise so the students have something to reference and seven exercises on each card. We did this with K-5. The kindergarten did great job trying to read the exercises. The pictures helped them out a lot! After the students complete one superhero warm-up, they get to pick another superhero and so on,” said Kolmar P.E. Teacher Vicky Leonard.

The idea came from PE Central. A social media profile that encourages creative learning and is a platform for P.E. teachers to exchange ideas.

“Students love this warm-up! They are so excited to pick a new superhero after they completed one. Anything new is very exciting for them. They love acting out each particular superhero because the exercises were new and different for them, such as self-defense kicks,” said Leonard.

On May 2nd Gym classes at Kolmar will be celebrating Star Wars style with themed warm-ups for the holiday “May the Fourth be with You”.

“It is important to be creative and find new ideas for our classes. These new activities and warm-ups motivate our students. We love how excited students are to come to our class each and every day. They like doing warm-ups because we have many different ones. We rarely repeat them throughout the year. We also incorporate literacy and math in our warm-ups. Not only are students working out their muscles, but also their brains,” said Leonard.