Kolmar students send letters to their pen pals


Mrs. Mural’s second grade class at Kolmar is participating in a pen pal program with a second grade class from the School of Science and Technology in Houston, Texas. Mural got the idea after her sister in law started teaching at the Texas school. They hoped to stay in touch as well as teach their students the value of writing.

“Together we thought it would be a great writing activity to have the students participate in. We received letters first, and we are working on writing letters back to our pen pals, including a picture of ourselves. We hope that the students further deepen a love for writing and find purpose in this writing project. My students already like writing letters to their classmates, so I am certain they will love to write to the pen pals across the United States,” said Susan Mural.

The classes will exchange letters back and forth throughout the year, as well as share photos with each other. The students also hope to Skype at some point in the school year.