Jell-O Baby Day at OLHMS in 6th Grade

a team with their wrapped up Jell-O baby.

A team with their wrapped up Jell-O baby.

Despite the sunny day and somewhat warm weather, students at Oak Lawn-Hometown Middle School brought out their best winter clothes not for themselves but for their Jell-O babies. The 6th-grade science experiment hosted by Mrs. Foley and Mrs. Safka is a fun day for students and aligns with the district’s next generation science standards.

“The goal of this experiment is to prevent the conduction of heat, so we learned all about insulators and how they work. So this was a physical experiment to test out the materials that they thought would be best to prevent the heat from escaping. The students had to make something so the heat from their Jell-O wouldn’t escape out. It’s neat to see the different materials the students bring in and this is a day in 6th-grade science that the 7th and 8th graders look back and smile on,” said Mrs. Foley.

Each class worked in groups of four, called families, to keep their Jell-O baby warm so that they wouldn’t turn solid when the class went outside. Hats, scarves, and cotton balls were just some of the materials students used in the experiment.

“We competed with other families in the class and basically had to wrap up our Jell-O so that it wouldn’t turn into actual Jell-O. Different things can help trap heat to keep things warm, we used like 1,000 layers and each of us brought different things in and we succeeded! Our baby didn’t freeze,” said Eileen, a 6th-grade student.