If Kolmar Students Were President …


While discussing the election in class, first grade and fifth grade buddies teamed up to publish their own book, “If I Were President,”Students each wrote a paragraph describing what they would do if they were elected President and drew a matching illustration. If these students were President the world would be a much kinder place with ideas like giving all children the privilege to go to school and get a good education, helping the economy along with helping people to find a job, and starting charities to help those less fortunate than themselves.

“We do these projects partially so students understand the importance of teamwork.  We also liked this particular project because it showed how hard work from all involved can come together into something great,” said first grade teacher, Colleen Koch.

Fifth graders designed the cover and the title page for the book to be published.

“First grade and fifth grade meets monthly for different activities.  We thought this assignment was a fun way to have students work together while having them think about how they can be successful in the future,” Koch added.

All work was submitted and bound into a hard cover book that will be a part of the Kolmar library.