Hometown’s Top Fundraisers Hang with Local Heroes

Top fundraisers with Hometown's First Responders

Top fundraisers with Hometown’s First Responders

The Hometown PTA has been hard at work this year to fundraise in an effort to provide our students with engaging events, like the Mousetrap Machine Assembly and the new GaGa Pit in the P.E. Department.

Hometown’s most recent fundraiser, the World’s Finest Chocolate candy drive, raised more than $3,000. The top fundraising students received rides to school recently from the Hometown Fire Department and Police Department.

“We are so thankful for all that our PTA does for Hometown School. Their commitment and generosity are so appreciated,” said PE teachers, Karyn Kicho and Dave Dare.

Special recognition goes out to third grader, Evan Francis, who was one of the top 3 fundraisers school-wide. Evan and his mom set a goal of being one of the top 3 fundraisers, selling 8 boxes, with the intent of donating a Fire Kindle to the Ronald McDonald House in Oak Lawn.