From the Principal

Welcome Hometown Hornets!

Every day we empower our students to believe in themselves and in their ability to change the world! Please support this message at home!

At Hometown School…

We Are Human
We Learn From Our Mistakes
We Support One Another
We Say “I’m Sorry”
We Seize Teachable Moments
We Listen & Reflect
We Give Second Chances
We Demonstrate Flexibility
We Have Fun
We Give Hugs
We Forgive
We Do Whatever it Takes
We Foster Creativity
We Are Patient
We Are Family
We Love Our Students!
This is our promise to you and your children!

Additionally, I strive to build a rapport with Hometown families and to ensure each is actively involved in the school community. Research shows that when families are involved in their child’s education, the child is more successful. I recognize that this can sometimes be challenging, however, a parent’s/ guardian’s perspective on education does undoubtedly impact the child’s perspective on education. In other words, FAMILIES are an ESSENTIAL partner in our students’ education. I strive to help families define their role as supporters, advocates, and facilitators of their child’s academic experience. I want all Hometown families to feel comfortable in our school community and to believe in their ability to meaningfully contribute to their child’s education. ~Katy Spreitzer