Hometown Leaders Give Back to Community

First grade students with their tiles

First-grade students with their tiles

Students on the Hometown Leadership Team were looking for a way to give back to the community and get their peers involved with a fun project. After a few brainstorming sessions and planning they came up with just that.

“Everyone has so many great memories at Hometown and they want to make sure their time here is remembered as well so we decided that giving students a chance to buy a tile and paint it would be a good way to donate some money and give something to the school that will last,” said Naomi, a member of the Student Leadership Team.

This week, Hometown students had the chance to purchase white tiles for just $3 a piece and then decorate it however they wanted. Students could purchase and decorate as many tiles as they wanted, with the proceeds benefitting the Ronald McDonald House.

“We’re going to take the tiles and put them up on the walls in the multipurpose room. This way students can come back and visit and see the little piece they left here at Hometown. I am so proud of the Leadership Team for thinking of a fun, positive way to get the whole school involved in giving back,” said Katy Spreitzer, Principal of Hometown School.

The team, made up of third, fourth, and fifth-grade students were able to present the Ronald McDonald House with a check for $330.00 for them to use to help those in need.