Hannum Students get a Surprise on the Half Day

Students are typically excited to get out of school early when it is a scheduled half day, however, students at Hannum were even more excited when they were surprised with two brand new “Buddy Benches” and a Little Free Library.

The Buddy Bench is a relatively new idea in schools, hoping to help students who may not have anyone to play with on the playground make new friends through sitting on the bench. The idea came from a young boy named Christian in Roundtown. When the possibility of his family moving overseas made him nervous about making new friends he came up with the idea for the Buddy Bench. Since then the benches have received National news coverage and were something the Hannum school really wanted on their playground. Thanks to the PTA providing the funds for not one, but two buddy benches, the wish turned into a reality.

That was just the first surprise for the school. Students were excited when Principal McGovern also dedicated a Little Free Library to the school. The library was built by Mr. Barkhoff, a parent of two boys at Hannum and donated it to the school.

“My wife and I had seen the libraries popping up at a few other schools in the area and thought it was a great idea. We are both avid readers and hope that through the give a book, take a book library students will also fall in love with reading. Last year she pitched the idea to the school and they loved it so here we are today,” said Mr. Barkoff.

The benches and the library will be installed over the weekend so that they can be put to use as soon as students return to school.