Hannum second grade families receive apples at recent Open House.

At the 2016 Hannum School open house, second grade teachers Bridgette McAuliffe, Kathleen Fitzgerald, and Lauren Carmichael-Ward wanted to empower parents in attendance.


“We wanted them to know that as parents, they are their child’s first educator. Sometimes, as parents ourselves, we forget that we are the builders of our child’s foundation in learning and deserve credit for that great beginning,” the team commented.

The team gifted each parent in attendance an apple, an exchange that is traditionally completed in reverse.

“Our parents appreciate the gesture and it is a small token that sets the tone for our parent/teacher partnership. That partnership is a team effort and we need our families support in order to help their child succeed,” McAuliffe said.

In 2016 it may be more likely to find an apple in a lunchbox, rather than as a gift left on a teacher’s desk. However, many associate the gifting of an apple to a teacher as a way to express appreciation. This exchange however was a small gift to parents to emphasize the importance of the home-school connection.

Great work Hannum Second Grade, your small gesture will definitely leave a lasting impression.