Hannum Collects Care Kits for Texas

Hannum 5th grade students helped put together the care kits for children in Houston

Hannum 5th grade students helped put together the care kits for children in Houston

The Hannum community has been busy all week collecting items for “care-kits” to deliver to Houston on Monday. The kits consist of the simple comforts of home that children affected by the recent storm, Harvey, may not have anymore. Things like crayons, coloring books, games and other activities are gathered together in a bag to get their minds off the damage and destruction caused by the storm.

“It feels good to know we are helping out other kids, who might be our age and lost everything,” said Jordan, a 5th-grade student who offered to help pack up the kits.

An idea to help came from a collaborative effort between Hannum staff and a parent from the school. Knowing they needed to do something to help those affected by the recent devastating storm that hit the Gulf Coast.

“We were talking about it the first week of school and trying to find some ways we could help those affected.  The next day a parent called and said she was thinking about it and would like to coordinate it.  We decided to take a few days to decide what to do.  We found out that the kids could use the “comfort kits” to keep them occupied while their families were cleaning up or still out of their homes.  Since many people lost everything, having some coloring books, stickers, some crayons and books may help to pass the time,” said Principal of Hannum, Anne Marie McGovern.

Collection began this week with numerous families giving the supplies to make up the kits. Wednesday, 5th-grade volunteers helped to pack the near 100 kits. Thanks to the generosity of the Quiroz family, Mr. Quiroz has offered to pack his own truck with donations to drive down to Houston on Monday, September 18. McGovern hopes the students at Hannum take away a larger lesson from the donation drive.

“I am hoping that this shows our kids that even though this happened far away, we are all one country and if we can help others we should.  Things that we might take for granted will give someone a lot of comfort during this time when everything probably seems out of control,” she said. “I hope that our kids take away that there is always something you can do to help, and it doesn’t have to be donating lots of money.  Sometimes the simple things really can make all the difference in the world,”