Graduation 2017

The Oak Lawn-Hometown Middle School Class of 2017 has graduated! To celebrate their achievements the District 123 community gathered for a graduation ceremony at OLHMS. Nerves were running high as students gathered in the hallways, straightening stoles, hugging their friends, and saying goodbye to their teachers one more time. Then it was time to make their way to the gym where their families were waiting for the ceremony to begin. Dr. Enderle congratulated the students on their accomplishments thus far, reminding them that success isn’t achieved alone.

“Seeing our young people grow and mature over the years gives us all an opportunity to give thanks and celebrate this well-deserved milestone. It is my hope that our graduates have learned enough over the past decade to fully understand that their accomplishment tonight has been greatly influenced by an exceptional community of learners in District 123 starting with the love and support of their families,” he said.

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Graduation Video