Grab and Go Meal Pick-Up Ends 7/31/20

In anticipation of the beginning of the school year, the Grab & Go Meals program will end Friday, July 31st. Oak Lawn-Hometown District 123, the Family Community Resource Network, and Arbor Food Management has made it a priority to provide free meals for children in the community during the COVID-19 shutdown.

Free breakfast and lunch meals with milk will be provided to all children 2-18 years of age in our community under the “Grab and Go” program at Oak Lawn–Hometown Middle School (OLHMS) Mondays – Fridays 9:00 am-noon. The program covers all students from all D123 schools as well as all parochial, private, and high schools in the area. There are no financial requirements to receive a meal. Friday, July 31, 2020, will be the last day for the meal service. To pick up your meal go to OLHMS from 9:00 am to noon where Arbor staff will be happy to assist you via the curbside pick up.

Oak Lawn – Hometown Middle School

5345 West 99th Street

For further information contact:

Larry Fetchko, Community Liaison Officer

Director, Family + Community Resource Network (FCRN)

(708) 952-4299