Beacon Award

Nomination Form

How can we best serve the School District 123 Community? This question is at the heart of what we strive to accomplish on a daily basis in District 123.  Going “above and beyond” in serving the school community involves people who seek to help serve others and create a “lighthouse” culture in the community.  

illinois-chicago-lighthouseThe “Lighthouse” Culture:

Because lighthouses are constructed to withstand powerful storms and provide “beacons” of light for guidance, they are frequently depicted as symbols of strength, service, and leadership.  In keeping with the spirit and letter of the School District 123 Vision and Mission, we believe in that our schools exist as ‘lighthouses” to the greater Oak Lawn and Hometown community.  This culture of strength, service, and leadership exists within our school environment through the daily actions of people who go “above and beyond” in adding value and being “beacons” of light to the community.

Beacon Award Criteria:

The Beacon Award is given to individuals in recognition of exemplary service to the School District 123 School Community “Lighthouse” Culture.  Recipients of this award exemplify the lighthouse culture by demonstrating an attitude of excellence, teamwork, leadership, and service in going “Above and Beyond” the expectations of their role and in exhibiting a high level commitment to the District 123 Core Beliefs:

  • CHILDREN…We Believe each child has unlimited potential and deserves equal access to a challenging and comprehensive curriculum in a safe, secure, and appropriate environment.
  • PEOPLE…We Believe in hiring and retaining quality staff, developing positive relationships, and providing meaningful, continuous professional learning.
  • LEARNING…We Believe in providing an engaging and innovative educational experiences infused in technology to foster lifelong learning.
  • COMMUNICATION…We Believe transparency and open communication build trust, confidence and pride.
  • COLLABORATION…We Believe that teamwork and collective problem solving are essential to success.
  • INTEGRITY…We Believe in modeling honesty and maintaining a respectful and ethical learning environment.
  • RESPONSIBILITY…We Believe in demonstrating responsibility with all resources and being accountable to only the highest standards.
  • COMMUNITY…We believe in public service and building partnerships between families, schools, and our community.

Nomination Procedure:

School District 123 seeks nominations for this award from all constituencies of the District. The nominee, must be an individual recognized for performing “above and beyond” her or his typical duties and exhibit commitment to the District 123 Core Beliefs. To be eligible for the award, the nominee must meet one of the following criteria.

  • Employee: Must perform in an exceptional or outstanding capacity “above and beyond” the expectations of the job title to impact lives in a selfless manner. She or he must exemplify excellent behavior and inspire others to achieve a higher standard.
  • Family Member:  Must be recognized for exemplary leadership or for inspirational actions that demonstrate commitment to their school and community.
  • Community Member:  Must make a significant contribution to further the mission of the District and display continued loyalty, collaboration, and service.