First Responders and District Staff Meet To Prepare for Emergencies

EMA Coordinator with the Oak Lawn Police Department, Art Clark, discusses emergency protocol

“Train for the day because the day will come,” EMA Coordinator with the Oak Lawn Police Department, Art Clark told the group of school staff, nurses, police and fire officials as he went over emergency protocol for the District.

The Annual First Responder’s Meeting is a chance for everyone to meet and go over disaster plans if an emergency occurs.

“I think it’s important for us to come together not only as a school district but as the Oak Lawn and Hometown communities to make sure that we have the best practices in place to keep our students safe. It is also an important time of year to reflect upon our new knowledge, check out our own individual building plans and ensure that they are up to date and that we know what to do in the case an actual emergency presents itself. The extra knowledge helps to make me feel more secure ensuring the safety of our students and staff” said Laura Ferrell, Assistant Principal at OLHMS.

dsc_0299At the meeting earlier today the group also went over a train accident scenario and was briefed on District 123’s concussion protocol, and the creation of a new District 123 Concussion Oversight Team.