Feed6 Event packs 30,000 meal equivalents

After meticulous planning that took into consideration many of the pandemic protocols within District 123, the Feed 6 Mega Event took place on Saturday, January 30th at OLHMS. Strict compliance with all safety and social distancing parameters along with the volunteerism and service focus helped to make the event a success.

Feed 6 is ecstatic about holding the first community based event since the pandemic began, anticipating that it will act as a catalyst for other organizations to adopt the model created at District 123.

“This is our first Feed 6 event since the shutdown in March. At OLHMS, School District 123 is the first Chicago area partner with the vision and compassion to step forward during this challenging period to address the compelling food insecurity crisis. Together we have crafted a safe and celebratory experience for volunteers who will produce 30,000 meals for our neighbors in need. This is a remarkably generous contribution towards food insecure neighbors in need and we are grateful for our enduring partnership.” -Chris Coyne OutReach Inc., Feed6 Founder and Co-Director.

District 123’s tier three compliant plans which included District families participating in small groups, produced 30,000 meal equivalents. Over the past 8 years the District has packed approximately 250,000 meal equivalents for the Feed6 organization.

“The Feed 6 product provides strategic connections with our community food service partners and reinforces our expanded food network by strengthening the broader Family + Community Resource Network (FCRN).” – Larry Fetchko, Community Liaison Officer

The fundamental purpose of the Family + Community Resource Network (FCRN) is to better consolidate, align and deliver community based resources to District 123 students and families. The program within District 123 brings to the forefront the needs of District families and matches resources to those needs.