Drawing Inspiration From Everyday

The ESL Writing Class

The ESL Writing Class

Ms. Glynn’s English Second Language writing class took to the grounds of Oak Lawn-Hometown Middle School using their senses to tell a story about the world around them.

“These are things the students come in contact with every day so I built a scavenger hunt so that students can find the items and write a narrative about it,” said Glynn.

Things like flowers, bricks, sidewalks, grass were all a part of the hunt. Students would mark down their findings. They recorded everything from the way something looks, feels, and smells so that they could remember it for their short narrative stories. The students excitedly exclaimed their findings while marking them off their sheets ready to start writing their stories.

“I am making sure to find a lot of flowers because they are my favorite and want to write about them in my story,” said one student.

Getting the opportunity to stretch out their legs and minds will set these children up for success for the next school year.